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Some men choose to have sex with other men and have no plans of taking things beyond the physical, or in some cases ever seeing these men again. This might be because they live a straight lifestyle, have a girlfriend/wife, are not “out”, have no interest in relationships with men outside of sex, or simply because they choose to have fun without any commitment.

The internet and places like bars, bathhouses or even the city’s back alleys are only a few of the many spots where you can meet other men for casual encounters. These environments can be sexy, fun and exciting, with lots of attractive and available men willing to do the same things you like to do. Unfortunately, while in these spaces you can sometimes lose your inhibitions and judgment and make choices you wouldn’t make under normal circumstances—such as having unprotected sex. Drug use in these kinds of situations can also compromise your ability to make healthier choices.

Having sex and meeting new people is fun, but you can still have fun and be safe. It only takes one unprotected encounter to become infected with HIV or STIs. If you’re going to have multiple sex partners or have sex with strangers, protect yourself. Meeting up with guys for sex in bathhouses and bars might not seem like the ideal time and place to talk about STIs and condom use , but it’s better to bring it up than risk infection. It’s also important to keep in mind that people might not always be completely honest about their sexual history (especially if you’re meeting them for the first time), and often the people with STIs or HIV don’t know they’re infected.

Some guys assume that agreeing to unprotected sex means that you share the same health status. For example, some HIV-positive guys assume that only other positive guys would have unsafe sex with them. On the other hand, there are some HIV-negative guys who assume that a willingness to have unprotected sex means that the other person is negative as well. Positive or negative, you must never make assumptions about the health status of your partners.


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