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Gay – You are attracted to/interested in men sexually and romantically.

Bisexual – You are interested sexually or romantically in both men and women, though you might have a preference for one more than the other.

Straight (but get down) – You are interested in women and consider yourself pretty much straight. You may be occasionally sexually attracted to men (and may have sex with them), but see yourself as only able to have a relationship with a woman.

Straight – You are completely interested in women romantically and sexually and have no attraction or desire for the same sex at all.

These labels are used by people to signify their own identity. They should never be imposed on anyone.

There are a number of terms to describe men who have sex with other men, or men who are sexually attracted to men but date women. Many of these terms are not so kind and are often used to disrespect and demean. A common term is on the down low or brothers on the down low which refers to men (specifically Black men) who identify as straight, but have sex with men on the side.This term has been receiving a lot of negative media attention and is mistakenly seen as the reason why rates of HIV infection is on the increase in the Black community and among Black women.

Men who have sex with men but who otherwise live a straight life style exist in every community. The exclusive focus on Black men who are on the down low can be viewed as a form of racism

Men who have sex with other guys but live a straight lifestyle may not view HIV infection as a threat/possibility because they don’t identify themselves or their sex partner as gay. They may also think that because they fuck and never get fucked then they don’t need to worry about condoms.  This is a dangerous misconception because these guys are just as susceptible to contracting HIV and in some cases pass on the virus to the women in their lives.

If you are fucking or being fucked, it’s imperative that you protect yourself. Every time you have unprotected sex with someone (male or female) whose sexual history you’re unaware of, you’e not only having sex with that one person but with every person they’ve ever had sex with as well. About one-half or people in our community infected with HIV don’t You don’t discriminate between men or women, and neither does HIV.

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