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In a relationship?

Relating with other men romantically or sexually is a unique dynamic with unique challenges.

For all the joy, excitement, and passion, sexual and romantic relationships can often be intense, confusing, and full of drama. For Black men who deal with other men these aspects can become magnified when dealing with outside issues like homophobia, racism, and discrimination. Dealing with this kind of hostility can be frustrating; having the communication skills and resilience to work through the hard times builds trust and strengthens relationships.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is thinking that you know all that you need to know about the person you’re sexing, or that you both have the same view of the situation you’re in. Being in a relationship can mean a number of things to different people. For some guys having sex means you are in a relationship. For other guys there needs to first be a lengthy dating period when you both see other people before becoming “exclusive”. You should never assume you both have the same values; by doing so you’re potentially putting yourself in a vulnerable situation.

Studies show that a lack of proper communication and negotiation can increase your risk for certain STIs and HIV. Being able to talk openly with one another can decrease this risk.

Here are some examples of types of relationships and topics you and your man (or men) need to discuss to ensure the healthiest relationships possible.

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